Cara Nicoletti

Type of cuisine I look to cook:

Comfort food! Simple roasts, braises, soups, stews, and quick-breads (let’s be serious, it’s cake, but no one is going to look at you funny if you eat it first thing in the morning). I was raised by Italians and Russian Jews so I also have an affinity for both of those cuisines.

SAUSAGE-MAKING. Also, biscuits and donuts.

Favorite kitchen tool: At home my favorite kitchen tools are my cast-iron skillet and my bowl-scrapers. I cook almost everything in my cast-iron skillet, from meat dishes to breads and it never does me wrong. Bowl-scrapers are just a thin piece of plastic but they work in so many ways—they get every last bit of batter out of your bowl, help you portion bread dough, scoop ingredients, get under delicate pie crusts and clean your work surface.

Past & Present:

I grew up working in my grandfather’s butcher shop outside of Boston and came to New York in 2004 to study literature at NYU. I started working in restaurants and gravitated toward pastry because it seemed like a cleaner and more feminine alternative to what I grew up around. When the restaurants I was working in started getting whole animals I found myself interested in butchery again. I started interning at The Meat Hook in 2010 and eventually left my life as a pastry-chef behind to work there full time. I am also currently writing a book based on my literary food blog, “Yummy Books.” It will be published by Little, Brown next year!

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