Chitra Agrawal


          My mother is from Bangalore in South India and my father is from Allahabad in North India so my cooking tends to focus on those two regions.

          Favorite Kitchen Tool: My little tempering pot  - I use it to make spiced oils that I pour over dishes like soups, yogurts and salads and I also use it to poach eggs since it's the perfect size and shape for that sort of thing.

Past & Present:

           In 2009, I created The ABCD’s of Cooking and since then I've been writing about, teaching and hosting pop-up events that feature Indian recipes with a slant on seasonal ingredients. I'm the co-owner of Brooklyn Delhi, where I make an Indian condiment called achaar or "Indian pickle". Currently, I'm writing my first cookbook on South Indian recipes from Bangalore for Ten Speed/Random House due out March 2016.