David Siegel

Type of cuisine I like to cook:

Seasonal, simple and ingredient driven food is what I like to cook most.  I know, you’re tired of hearing that and think it’s just the faux-poetic musings of yet another hipster foodie. But it’s true! I decide what to make for dinner based on whatever happens to be in my fridge or what looks great at the store or Farmer’s Market.  It’s easy, and I would love to show you how!


Braising, roasting chicken and working with fresh vegetables.  I also love tinkering around with DIY projects at home – like making cheese and curing meats.

Favorite kitchen tool:

Wooden spoons, little off-set spatulas and patience

Past & Present:

It all started with chicken soup, and my enthusiasm for creating delicious and satisfying meals for friends and family took off from there. I began working at restaurants while still in high school and then decided to study Hospitality Administration at Boston University. I cooked through college and continued slinging pots and pans in Boston after graduation.
I moved to Portland Oregon in 2005.  Portland helped tune me in to the beauty of cooking simply with seasonal ingredients. Many off hours were spent at home, re-trying new techniques learned at work and building on that knowledge. I started the East Side Dining Club with friends and together we put on a series of pop-up dinner events. This led to my first executive chef position at the newly opened Belly Timber Restaurant.
I presided over the kitchen and a weekly-changing menu there for two years, but was beginning to miss the East Coast where I grew up. Before heading back though, I spent nearly a year traveling through Asia and Europe. I settled in Brooklyn near the end of 2010 and set to work connecting with the peerless food world of New York City. Since then, I have been working as a personal chef and teaching culinary classes.

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