Katherine S Randazzo

Type of cuisine I like to cook:

My food tends to be pretty simple: I love creating full flavors from a few ingredients. I suppose my technique leans toward French and Italian. I’ve also spent a large portion of my career cooking fish and seafood.


This may sound crazy but something-from-nothing cooking. I love creating a delightful meal without shopping for a single ingredient. I always strive to get the very most from every ingredient and create the least amount of waste possible. (Not that I don’t enjoy the process of shopping for a meal, thinking and planning, I just derive a ton of satisfaction from the aforementioned approach).

Favorite kitchen tool:

A microplane — perfect for garlic, zest, cheese, nutmeg — I use it over and over throughout the course of cooking one meal.

Past & Present:

One afternoon when I was 7, I spent the day blanching, peeling and canning a couple bushels of tomatoes with my mom. With my legs dangling off the dishwasher and a paring knife in my hand I knew right there and then that I wanted to be in the kitchen. My enthusiastic love of food aside, the kitchen was the place I felt most comfortable and happy.
After high school I went to culinary school. While in school I began cooking for Tom Douglas in Seattle and I took to the line like a fish to water. I’m one of those idiots who loves the heat, intensity, urgency, and camaraderie of a professional kitchen. The sense of accomplishment after a long night cooking beautiful food is immensely satisfying.
9 years ago I moved to New York. I spent my first year at Aquagrill (paying my NYC dues) then ran to the warm embrace of Gramercy Tavern. I was there for a couple years before dabbling in catering (not for me). Finally, I gave up Manhattan for Brooklyn and haven’t looked back. I was a sous chef at Marlow & Sons and Diner right until my son was born. Since then I have been cooking for my family and a private client and have been teaching at Brooklyn Kitchen. I feel incredibly lucky to have such a nice balance of cooking and personal life with delicious meals at every turn.

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