Megan Fitzroy Phelan

Corporate Pastry Chef for Sullivan Street Bakery, Co Restaurant and chef/owner of Fitzroy Specialty Cakes and Pastries

Type of cuisine I like to cook:
I stick to desserts and baked goods. I have a tendency to lean towards Italian cuisine because of its simple approach and clean flavors that make the ingredients the star of the dish. I love chocolate, so I tend to do a lot with that, and I’ve been told I’m obsessed with ice cream, which may be true.

Anything chocolate. I also make some great simple appetizers. My other love is wine, so naturally I started creating appetizers and snacks to pair with my wine. Cheese and homemade crackers are my favorite.

Favorite kitchen tool:
French Spatula, i.e. “bowl scraper”. That little flexible plastic rectangle that can clean a bowl quickly and easily with one swipe. It is ten times easier to use and more efficient than a regular rubber spatula.

Past & Present:
I went to college for Interior Design/Architecture. After receiving my degree, I had a change of heart and thought maybe I wanted to bake for a living instead. I was able to find a job working under a pastry chef in West Hartford, Connecticut, who trained me for years. After four years of working under his supervision, I moved to New York City. I worked at Daniel Restaurant, then Falai Restaurant. I then started my specialty cakes business while still working. I am now the executive pastry chef of Torrisi Italian Specialties and Parm Restaurant, make cakes for clients in my spare time, and teach classes at Brooklyn Kitchen for fun!

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