Mireille Roc

Type of cuisine I like to cook: I like to cook Indian & Caribbean because that is my heritage and perfect comfort food for me. A close second is any Southeast Asian - Indonesian, Malaysian, Thai, etc. The combination of flavors excites my palate.

Specialty: I specialize in Indian regional cuisine. Learning the history and unique specialties of each Indian state is a passion of mine. I cook and teach homestyle Indian cooking that you won't find in any restaurant.
Favorite Kitchen Tool: My Ninja blender. This blender works great for grinding lentils and grains necessary in Indian cooking, but is a fraction of the cost of a Blendtec or Vitamix.
Past & Present: I was the weird child who would go to the library and take out cookbooks from the age of 8. I would then give my mother shopping lists so I could try recipes from different cuisines. However, it remained a hobby for many years, while I worked in the advertising industry.
After several years in advertising, I decided to switch careers and make my hobby my profession. Following my lifelong passion, I attended culinary school. I then worked in a variety of cooking positions at several types of establishments including corporate dining, hotels, nursery school chef and a high end tea house. I now work as a freelance chef instructor/personal chef and food writer.