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Enthusiastic generous cooks wanted for part-time role starting immediately, remote options available. Flexibility to grow into full-time role in COVID-safe environment.

Full Job Description

Compensation rates available upon request.

The Brooklyn Kitchen is a Radical Cooking School, driven by a mission to teach adults to cook more and have fun doing it. The BkK has evolved over the past 15 years through retail, grocery, in-person and online cooking classes. We are poised to become a franchise network of independently owned and operated cooking school studios, serving communities nationwide with fun, realistic, approachable and tactical home economics for a modern era. Following the past year of lockdowns, we are anticipating a significant interest in unique in-person experiences. 

As a culture, we are suffering from the lack of basic understanding of safe and delicious home cooking. Cooking has been short-cutted and commodified, and our society eats way too much prepared and processed food. Cooking is daily practice in creative problem solving, balancing left-brain technical skill and right-brain creative effort. 

The Brooklyn Kitchen values definition between the personal and professional, and strives to maintain balance between them, especially in a remote setting. The Brooklyn Kitchen is committed to teaching from and to a community that is diverse in age, race, religion, culture, economic opportunities and perspectives. The Brooklyn Kitchen strives to create a culture of curiosity and experimentation, balanced with safety and sustainability.

The Brooklyn Kitchen is seeking confident, knowledgeable, charismatic Chef Instructors. The ideal candidate is a self-starter and excellent at time management, able to complete prep, filming and cleanup for a class on their own. They work well in a remote environment, as well as a close, collaborative team environment when in-person classes resume. They are experienced in cooking in professional and home environments, and can effectively trouble-shoot guest troubles. They are engaging and personable, 

Phase 1: Online Cooking Classes

  • Part-time schedule based on class shifts
  • Responsible for all sourcing and procurement, with receipts reimbursed
  • Lead interactive online cooking class via Zoom, with moderator if attendance warrants
  • Can also pick up moderator shifts
  • Classes can be filmed in our kitchen studio in Williamsburg, or at Chef’s home kitchen with BkK tech standards
  • Teaching curriculum created by the Brooklyn Kitchen
  • Additional paid opportunities for content development
  • Content creation: photos before and after class of mise en place and prepared food, filmed videos of ingredient ‘unpacking’, covering sourcing, alternatives, quality, storage, seasonality etc of ingredients for class  

Phase 2: In-person Cooking Classes

  • Full-time team member of Brooklyn Kitchen studio
  • Access to health insurance and other company benefits
  • Teach classes
  • Recipe research, testing and development
  • Assist in classes
  • Customer service and limited retail sales
  • Eligible to participate in profit sharing

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