Our Staff

The Brooklyn Kitchen wouldn’t be The Brooklyn Kitchen without our wonderful Chef Instructors. Each chef has unique industry experience and expertise that they can’t wait to share with you. Get to know them with the profiles below.

Ayla, Culinary Director

Meet Ayla, our Culinary Director and lead instructor. Ayla graduated from Johnson & Wales in 2013 and worked at restaurants up and down the east coast before joining The Brooklyn Kitchen in 2018. If you’ve already taken a class with her, you know that her style is “simple food, done right” with a nod to coastal cooking. Ayla’s favorite kitchen tool is a rubber spatula and you can click here to watch her top kitchen tips.

When she’s not at The Brooklyn Kitchen, Ayla is scouring the city in search of new food & drink hotspots. Some of her favorites are Kopitiam, Al Di La Trattoria, Teado Tea Shop (葉風茶舖), and Steve’s Authentic.

Lizzy, Chef Instructor

Meet Lizzy! One of our lead instructors and resident Aussie, Lizzy has cooked all over the world and has stories to back it up. If you’re lucky, you may get to ask her about it over one of her famous sausage rolls (currently available via our friends at Tuffet in Williamsburg). Lizzy’s specialty is lamb in all its forms (especially barbacoa). Tacos are her favorite food, and you can watch her make pork tacos with all the fixins here.  Take a class with her and she’ll share more of her chef secrets over a pint. Cheers mate!

Megan, Chef Instructor

Chef Megan is a powerhouse of knowledge and experience. With some big names & accolades, a trademarked sandwich, and a bespoke event company under her belt, she’s come to us to teach! Megan’s specialty is American comfort, and if she could only cook with one fresh herb for the rest of her life, it would be thyme. She’s known among the staff for her amazing hugs and hilarious “Meganisms.” The best Meganism this week: “vinaigrettes: the one-night stand of emulsions.” Catch Megan teaching her new Grill Camp class and more.