Private Classes

Hey remember parties? We used to throw the best parties. I really miss parties.

And I really miss people! Get your people together and have us all over!

Private Cooking Parties
(but totally socially distant)

Party Includes:
– 90 minute guided zoom class
– Mise en place specifications, recipes and prep ahead
– Choose from Dumplings, Pasta, Seasonal or Historical menus

Starting at $300

Let’s Cook Together

Dumplings: Learn the physics and technique behind making dumplings at home. Don’t have a wok, rolling pin, or a food processor? No problem, use a bowl, a wine bottle, or your bare hands.

Pasta: You can’t make this pasta without breaking any eggs. Make silky, substantive dough into as many shapes as your imagination can imply.

Seasonal Menu: Take inspiration from our freshest abundance. Our most flexible and adaptable recipes, rooted in your new favorite traditions.

Historical Menu: What’s the dream dinner party from your birth month? What was รก la mode when your folks got married? Give us any date between 1942 and 2008, and we’ll design a remote dinner party.

It’s going to be a long winter, let’s have some fun. Have any other ideas? Email