The Story of us!

It all started in 2006, when Taylor and Harry lamented the lack of a neighborhood kitchenware store. At first it was just good dinner conversation, but after a few more bottles of wine the idea stuck, and the Brooklyn Kitchen is the result of those crazy ideas. As amateur chefs who enjoyed cooking, Harry and Taylor recognized that there was nowhere in Williamsburg or Greenpoint to get cooking tools and supplies.

The first shop opened on the corner of Lorimer and Skillman Ave in the space that is now Vine Wine. At first, the focus was on equipment, but classes were added in 2008, with students standing around a single steel table in the middle of the store. Classes became so popular that they sold out in minutes, forcing Taylor and Harry to seek out other larger space. They were the first to see the inside of a former furniture showroom on Meeker and Frost in 2009, and signed the lease 3 weeks before giving birth to their first daughter. Within 4 months, they had opened the Meat Hook with partners, and the Brooklyn Kitchen consolidated locations in March of 2010.