trust us, we're professionals.

At the Brooklyn Kitchen, you'll learn to cook like a grown-up, from a grown up; with years of real working kitchen experiences. We're all here to do our best to make things better.

Sharing the love (and skills)

With decades of experience in the kitchen, our team of kitchen leaders not only cook, they care.

It's a serious place to make some fun.

Our kitchen is an open, friendly place. But with sharp knives and open flames, it's no place for tomfoolery. Or Stevefoolerly. Or Kimfoolery.

A messy kitchen, is a happy kitchen.

So when you ask if you have to help us clean up after, our answer will be, "You butter believe it."

Spills and mistakes happen.

Being open-minded and embracing the moment makes the best fun - and food.

our merry band of cooks

Our cooking instructors have forgotten more about cooking than most restaurant chefs. Luckily, they still remember all our great Brooklyn Kitchen recipes (maybe it's because we wrote them all down).

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we partner with some amazing people

Fresh Harvest Kitchen

The Brooklyn Kitchen is developing a new cooperative food hub serving seafood harvesters, restaurants and home cooks with access to fresh, local seafood, meat and produce.

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