Bread Classes with Bryan Ford @artisanbryan

Bryan Ford, or Artisan Bryan as you may know him, is the author of New World Sourdough and host of Magnolia Network’s The Artisan Kitchen. An experienced baker that focuses on Latin American baked goods, Bryan brings fun energy to workshops that will open your eyes to a whole new world and style of baking.

Sourdough Intensive

In this (5 hour intensive) class, Bryan will get into the nitty gritty of baking sourdough bread. From mixing techniques to high hydration, Bryan will take you from building your levain to scoring and baking your loaves. 

Cooking Classes

The Brooklyn Kitchen’s curriculum is grounded in technique, highlighting tactical and sensory experiences that can only be expressed in hands-on classes. Expert chef instructors guide and supervise as guests work together to prepare and share delicious food. 

Prices range from $75-$150 per person, and include a light snack, food prepared in class, and refreshments. 

Chef Instructor

The Brooklyn Kitchen is reopening in the Essex Market in LES. We are looking for talented, charismatic, & knowledgeable instructors as well as energetic & hospitable kitchen assistants. We are looking for canidates who can work Thurs-Sun about 20-25 hours a week with flexibility to grow into full-time role in COVID-safe environment.

If you think this is you or someone you know, please email !

Full Job Description

Compensation rates available upon request.

The Brooklyn Kitchen is a Radical Cooking School, driven by a mission to teach adults to cook more and have fun doing it. The BkK has evolved over the past 15 years through retail, grocery, in-person and online cooking classes. We are poised to become a franchise network of independently owned and operated cooking school studios, serving communities nationwide with fun, realistic, approachable and tactical home economics for a modern era. Following the past year of lockdowns, we are anticipating a significant interest in unique in-person experiences. 

As a culture, we are suffering from the lack of basic understanding of safe and delicious home cooking. Cooking has been short-cutted and commodified, and our society eats way too much prepared and processed food. Cooking is daily practice in creative problem solving, balancing left-brain technical skill and right-brain creative effort. 

The Brooklyn Kitchen values definition between the personal and professional, and strives to maintain balance between them, especially in a remote setting. The Brooklyn Kitchen is committed to teaching from and to a community that is diverse in age, race, religion, culture, economic opportunities and perspectives. The Brooklyn Kitchen strives to create a culture of curiosity and experimentation, balanced with safety and sustainability.

The Brooklyn Kitchen is seeking confident, knowledgeable, charismatic & experienced Chef Instructors. The ideal candidate is a great cook, teacher & leader. They have a passion for hospitality & bringing people together through food.

In-person Cooking Classes

  • Full-time team member of Brooklyn Kitchen studio
  • Access to health insurance and other company benefits(FT)
  • Teach classes
  • Recipe research, testing and development
  • Assist in classes
  • Customer service and limited retail sales
  • Eligible to participate in profit sharing (FT)

Send resume as attachment to